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Jeannette Teel

Key J

FB: Key J Jewelry


Tupps Brewery (Map #26)

What is it about old keys and antique locks that stirs the imagination?  Is it the history, the metaphor, or part of a memory that is suggested?  With antique keys as the focal point, Jeanette Teal’s jewelry resonates with something deep within.  She also sources vintage clock gears and watch movements to build into her wearable Steampunk, most of which is kinetic.  Jeanette is passionate about researching and sharing the history of each piece.  “Keys remind me to be open to new ideas, exciting adventures, and creative experiences. Keys signify importance, revelation, and understanding.  It can be the key passage to your dreams and goals…,” she offers, with a twinkle in her eye.  Wear a piece of history from Jeanette's one of a kind creations. She always provides the history. Key J is delightfully out of the box.

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