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MAST Beginnings

The McKinney Art Studio Tour began when three McKinney potters --Sona Knox, Lisa LaBarge, and Kerry Randoll-Johnston --determined that McKinney's artists should open their studios to the public during the second weekend every November.  To organize such an event took an extraordinary amount of volunteer time and commitment.  MAST artists and sponsors paid for marketing materials.  Artists were expected to join committees and complete necessary tasks.  They made their studios presentable and opened their doors on the designated days.  And the public came inside! 


MAST has always been about the process, and MAST artists engage the public with their creative process.  During the tour, potters throw, painters paint, in the familiarity of their studio.  Sona and Kerry continue to participate in MAST, and will be open to the public this year.  Visit their studios and thank them for laying the lasting foundation for this McKinney tradition.

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MAST Evolving

Today the arts opportunities in McKinney draw artists from surrounding cities throughout the year.  MAST encourages the participation of these artists from the greater McKinney area who consider McKinney to be their arts community, artists working in all genres, at different stages of artistic development, from Creative Participants to Artists of Distinction who have met juried standards.  MAST reflects the creative tide of the greater McKinney arts community.

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